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Block Management

We provide two services for our landlords. Our Standard Letting Service includes assistance in the pre-tenancy period as well as throughout the tenancy, including arranging and preparing documentation and negotiating terms and renewals, while our more extensive Full Management Service also incorporates features such as handling insurance claims and transferring utilities, routine repairs and maintenance and managing the check-out process.

The Process 

Following your enquiry we will contact you by telephone to establish your requirements and obtain a preliminary understanding of your situation.

We will ask you for applicable documentation for our review and provide you with our documentation by return email so that you are able to undertake your own diligence and evaluation on ourselves.

Following receipt of site specific documentation and a review of the leases/transfer/memorandum and articles of association and finances, O’Farrell Lynch will be in an informed position to meet with the client and their representatives at the property.

During this meeting O’Farrell Lynch will be able to review the building condition and gain a better understanding of the property management instruction by walking the grounds and taking photographs to ensure that any items spotted for latter attention or consideration can be incorporated into the property management plan.

In the client meeting, O’Farrell Lynch will listen and take notes of the client concerns and in turn advise what they have found as potential issues. From there, a managements plan can start to be drawn up to take into account matters once the property management period has commenced.

After consultation and a site meeting with any new client, O’Farrell Lynch will discuss the property maintenance services required and the involvement of both parties. From there O’Farrell Lynch will draw up a management contract setting out new client duties and fees in order to run the block efficiently and cost effectively.

O’Farrell Lynch will also assess the block or estate and draft a budget taking into account the directors known wishes, historic expenditure (if any) and will provide a service charge budget split in accordance with the lease/transfer for all units to pay in their correct proportions.

O’Farrell Lynch will work with clients to provide documentation to assist termination of their current agents, work through the list of items required for O’Farrell Lynch to undertake efficient management and handover of the incumbent managing agent.

If there are areas that we discover where the instruction is not legally compliant we will undertake to return the client to compliancy as our first step. This may also identify items to be included in the property management plan.

Once we have the property management instruction and are actively working for you, we will call a meeting with all owners to both introduce ourselves and to understand if there are any underlying issues which require attention. These will naturally be added to the property management plan.

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